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We Love Board Games!
Please note our inventory is constantly changing and there many more items available at the store!

Purchases can be made in store or message or call for availability or special ordering

Special orders for items we are not currently carrying in stock in many cases come with a special order discount

We have a Board Game Meetup on Saturdays from NOON to 4:30pm each week.
(The only exception is if we have a special event, be sure to check the store calendar)
Bring a game to play or try one from our Board Game Library.
Also join the Facebook Group Bakersfield Tabletop Weekly to keep up to date!

Featured Board / RPG / Tabletop Game Lines - We try to keep all expansions in stock if available

DC Comics Deckbuilding
Marvel Legendary Deckbuilding
Settlers of Catan
Dragonfire DBG
Boss Monster
Dungeons Dragons 5th Edition RPG
Starfinder RPG
Legend of the Five Rings LCG
Smash UP
Betrayal House on the Hill
Cards Against Humanity - We are an Authorized Retailer

Other Board Games we try to keep in stock

Red Dragon Inn
King of Tokyo
Arkham Horror
Ticket to Ride

And many more!