Pokemon League Info

Join us for our FREE Pokemon League! Sundays at 1:45pm runs until around 4PM
(Check store calendar on the webpage for changes)

Family friendly fun!

We play 4 games each week.

If you win 3 or 4 of the games (this works out to about 1 pack per three players), you win a booster pack.

Each month a new promo card is available and each week the players receive 1 promo, so at the end of the month you will have received a playset.

Now for players who do not want multiple copies of the current promo, they may choose one of the prior month’s promos to complete their sets or collections.

Also, for those who play the online version of the game, each player can receive a code card each week that will give them additional promos and cards in the online game.

When possible we do our best to pair players with those of similar age and skill levels.

Join the fun!