Sell Us Cards

We currently purchase cards from the following games for either store credit or cash. 

Magic the Gathering

Pokemon - ONLY GX and EX cards and possibly Bulk dependent on our needs

YuGiOh - Select cards $5.00 sell price and up

If you wish to sell us cards please message us or call us BEFORE bringing anything to the store for us to look at.

It is NOT guaranteed we will purchase your cards.
We may or may not purchase the cards based on factors such as condition of card or our needs at the moment.

PLEASE NOTE - we are dealers and as such we will not purchase cards for full sell price. Our standard amount for a cash purchase is 40% or 50% of the sell price of the card and dependent on condition which could cause the purchase amount to be less.

If you would like store credit we will give you more than the cash buy price.

We reserve the right to determine the sell price of the card.